The process

Having a piece personally handcrafted for you is exciting and collaborative, allowing your inspirations and ideas to come to life through the custom made process. It begins with a free initial consultation either in person or through e-mail or phone, allowing me to get a sense of the desired aesthetic for the design, dimensions and materials - precious metals and gemstones. Through the initial discussions, I will ask you questions about the piece you are envisioning and make suggestions based on your feedback to come up with a solid starting point that works within your budget. Proceeding, I may request a design deposit to create detailed sketches, renderings or hand-carved wax models based on the piece's most suited fabrication techniques. An estimate will be provided and once approved, after any requested modifications are made, a 50% deposit is required to get started. The creation process can take up to 10 or 12 weeks, depending on the complexity of the design as well as previous and seasonal commitments. Upon completion, the remaining amount, applicable taxes and any insured shipping costs will be due upon pickup or prior to shipping it to your location.

Supplied materials

You are responsible for shipping of your materials and insuring them for loss, theft or damage while in transit; I can work with you to offer secure options and make suggestions if you are unsure how to proceed.

I hold my work to the highest standards of craft and quality and using supplied gemstones is subject to a close inspection of the integrity of the stone(s) to ensure they are in good condition. When using gemstones supplied by clients, I am unable to offer the same sort of guarantee that I offer those who I have sourced gemstones for. In the case of a supplied gemstone, I cannot be certain of the source, quality, exact composition, or undisclosed industry treatments contributing to uncertainty, so if something goes awry during the setting process (in the case that a stone would happen to break or crack due to an inherent flaw or misunderstanding of the stone's composition), I will not be held responsible for replacing it. However, I may be able to source a new gemstone and offer it at a reasonable cost. This is something that is very unlikely to happen if the supplied gemstones are genuine and in good condition, especially sapphires and diamonds as they are exceedingly hard and durable. 

I have created several pieces using supplied gold, but sometimes I have to reconsider the fabricating process of the piece due to the restrictions that using mixed alloys from multiple pieces of old jewellery can pose. Sometimes mixing several pieces of jewellery together in one melt can result in a finished product that is less than ideal. This is something that I am happy to discuss. If I feel that your gold is not in a format that lends itself to reusing in a new piece, I would be happy to exchange it as credit toward the new jewellery.


A piece that has been custom made for you is truly unique and has been carefully designed specifically for your personal aesthetic and preferences; the process is transparent and collaborative, allowing you to provide feedback as the piece progresses. Because of this, I am unable to offer refunds or exchanges for one-of-a-kind and personalized pieces. During the thorough design process, outlined above, every step is taken to ensure that the finished piece will be just as you envisioned with direct consultation about all of the details that come together to bring your piece to life. You will be provided with high quality renderings or images of carved models to give a visual understanding of what the finished piece will look like, the timeframe allowing for modifications to happen before placing a deposit to get the process started. It is important to note that there may be minimal variations due to the nature of handcrafted work; if for any reason unforeseen changes occur once the design has been approved, I will ensure that you are made aware of them and satisfied with any modifications that may need to happen.


Custom order cancellations may be subject to a fee, depending on how far along the creation process is. If a detailed design of the piece has been provided and I have neither started the creation process nor purchased any materials, then you will receive a full refund for any deposited amount minus a design fee, which covers consultation, research and a custom design.  If the creation process has begun and materials have been specifically ordered for the piece, I may be able to offer up to a maximum of 50% of the final cost of the piece, contingent on how much progress has been made and on piece's potential to sell from inventory. The final refund amount will be decided upon solely at my discretion.


Each custom piece is meticulously crafted by hand and designed to be cherished for years to come, leaving my studio in perfect condition. However, if problems arise with your piece due to production faults, I will be happy to work with you to resolve them. Along with recommending these care instructions, I offer complimentary cleaning and inspection with my fine jewellery, ensuring your piece remains in like-new condition. I recommend that this is done on an annual basis to ensure that all stones are secure and any need for repair is taken care of before it becomes an issue. For your peace of mind, I highly recommend that you have your jewellery appraised by a third-party and fully insured in case of loss, theft or damage. Please note that charges may apply for routine repairs and sizings or replacements required due to mishandling.

You are responsible for any shipping and insurance costs associated with sending me items needing inspection or repair; I can work with you to offer secure options and make suggestions if you are unsure how to proceed. I am not responsible for items lost damaged or stolen while in transit.

I can't be held liable for damage done to your pieces by another jeweller. If you have another jeweller work on your piece in any way, example: ring sizing and cleaning or polishing, you are responsible for any resulting or future issues that may arise with the piece.