Mary Lynn studied both fine art and linguistics at the University of Saskatchewan, drawing on this background when she went on to pursue an education in craft at NSCAD University, where she earned a BFA in Jewellery Design and Metalsmithing in 2012. This multifaceted approach to her studies has led to an art practice that integrates her passion for art and her fascination with linguistics.

Mary Lynn has received several accolades and has exhibited her work throughout North America. Most recently, she attended and exhibited her work with Creative Saskatchewan at SOFA Chicago. There, her teapot Metalanguage was purchased by the Kamm Teapot Foundation, the world's largest and most comprehensive teapot collection. In 2013 and 2015, she won NICHE Awards in the student and professional divisions, and was selected as a professional finalist in the 2016 competition. Mary Lynn’s work has travelled around Canada as part of the 2015 and 2013 Dimensions (Saskatchewan) exhibitions, in which she received awards for excellence in fine craft and functional ware. In 2012, she won the Canadian National Jewellery Student Competition, leading to her 2013 solo exhibition Sonance (Ottawa) made possible with the support of the Saskatchewan Arts Board. Mary Lynn maintains a full-time studio practice in Saskatoon, SK where she handcrafts exquisite and conceptual jewellery.



Artist Statement

Viewing natural objects through perspectives of speech and sound, I explore the relationship between communication and artistic interpretation. My work represents aspects of language through organic forms, linguistic textures and acoustic visualizations, creating conceptual jewellery and holloware that is sensual and graceful. Elements of surprise are introduced through the forms I create, their presence inviting the viewer to investigate the work closely; first impressions evoke expectations which are then challenged upon closer inspection as the recontextualized shapes reveal themselves.

A foundation of traditional goldsmithing and enamelling informs alternative techniques which I have adapted and refined through continuous self-directed experimentation. Precious metals, gemstones and resilient yet glass-like resin come together to create an interplay of light and colour between lustrous surfaces and vibrant transparency, resulting in sculptural, expressive work that speaks to the viewer, whether on the body or on display.