• Prairieland Park, Hall B (map)
  • 503 Ruth Street East
  • Saskatoon, SK, S7J 0Y8
  • Canada

The Saskatchewan Fine Art & Craft Fair brings the province’s dynamic commercial galleries together in one space for the first ever exhibition of its kind, with public talks and panel discussions throughout the weekend exploring a range of topics relevant to the art of this region. 

'From Here to There':
Saskatchewan artists have made it big on the national and international stage before, and several continue to do so today. Artists currently launching their careers outside the province discuss the challenges and (sometimes) benefits of succeeding in a larger market, while working from their home province. Each artist has plotted their own unique course, sharing personal stories of challenges and successes.

Panelists: Zachari Logan, Regina; Mary Lynn Podiluk, Saskatoon; Kara Uzelman, Nokomis